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Our Services

Listed below are some Some of the services we provided in ONYXinv


Private Equity Management

Our team can provide the needed support along the private equity path, from fund and creating SPVs till reaching the point of day to day administration. 


Property Management

Our team is managing different properties all over the wide, the management services cover maintenance contracting, tax calculation and processing, collection, reporting, exit study and locate acquisition 


Fund Management

Onboarding our clients with KYC and AML to invest in the most rewarding funds and provide reports on a periodic basis


Philanthropy management

This start by setting a clear definition with sets of approaches that focus on the impact, and put all the policies and the guidelines for requests and proposals


Acquisitions, merging and Investments management

Our team have assist in legal and technical due diligence in various sectors by in house expert or out sourcing for leading a successful acquisition or merging


Family Business & Family Office

Bearing in mind that each family has unique need and value we act a trusty advisor wealth planning and management, trust company services, philanthropy services and investment management 



Corporate Services

This is involving organization structuring and restructuring, ongoing administration and financial reporting and analysis 



Funding Services

Solving cash flow needs and provide alternative funding resources 


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