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Corporate Advisory

About the service

We find new ways for your business to grow. Our specialized team at ONYXinv empowers decision-makers to see beyond the current situation and contemplate opportunities and risks to build successful businesses that stand apart from the average ones. 

Supporting our clients throughout the various stages of their business lifecycle, from start-up to growth, maturity, and eventually, exit, has underpinned our growth and role in the practice.

Our clients include governmental and non-governmental entities, high-net-worth individuals, family-owned businesses, and major corporations.

Our Corporate Advisory team has, over the years, helped businesses overcome adversity and address underperformance through the following:

●   Preparing business plans and reviewing existing businesses operations and performance to assist with strategy and business planning

●   Assisting with start-up structuring, valuation, and financing

●   Turnaround and performance management, setting and monitoring of KPIs and mid to long-term strategy

●   Real option analysis

●   Financial restructuring

●   Crisis management

●   CRO management

●   corporate legal advisory


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