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Family Office

About the service

Every family is unique and deserves a family office that matches the uniqueness of its founders.

Our dedicated team of specialists at ONYXinv will manage your family’s governance and provide all business services such as bookkeeping, document management, access to private banking, philanthropic management, estate administration, and wealth structuring.

ONYXinv marks a unique central hub through which individuals can easily oversee their direct and indirect investments, tax compliance, succession planning, accountancy, and trust or company administration.

At ONYXinv, we aim to:

●   Provide a formal structure for the management and governance of family’s wealth

●   Promote family’s legacy, vision, and values

●   Coordinate, integrate, and consolidate customized services for family investments

●   Manage economic and personal risks that may affect family investments

●   Capitalize on economies of scale gained from consolidated family wealth accumulation, such as preferential investment access and lower fee rates

●   Maintain confidentiality and privacy of family affairs


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