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Philanthropy Management

About the service

We build a legacy for our clients. At ONYXinv, we take care of the administrative and operational tasks, allowing businesses to focus only on the impact they want to achieve.

We support individuals, families, corporate and private foundations, and non-profit organizations on their charitable missions.

Here is how we transform passion for giving into effective strategic philanthropy that addresses the root causes of the problem rather than symptoms, offers long-term solutions rather than short-term fixes, and creates empowered, independent communities rather than dependent ones.

Strategy formulation

We help every business outline what strong assets they can bring to their philanthropy and find their philanthropic focus. We work closely with our clients to find effective and strategic charity options and research charities to help identify ones that complement their philanthropic objectives and are well-run. We offer a solid screening of foundations, including reviews of boards of directors, conflicts of interest, and organizations’ stability.

We address and investigate every possible option from a financial, administrative, legal, and philanthropic point of view.


We help our clients build Shariah-compliant implementation models based on diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). The implementation model is built with enough flexibility to adjust and adapt to changing circumstances and course-correct the path, if need be, over time.

Monitoring and evaluation

We monitor administrative, operational, financial, and tax-related foundation account activities.

We assist businesses in defining what success would be like, pick the right indicators to measure, including quantitative and qualitative ones, identify the best way to collect and share data, offer the best impact measurement language and tools, and schedule regular progress reviews.

Our suite of services includes

●   Administration and management

●   Charity status and compliance

●   Designing and building philanthropy solutions


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