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Private Equity Management

About the service

Make use of the expertise of our dedicated private equity team and our second-to-none resources to identify attractive investment opportunities.

We provide a Shariah-compliant investment process, where Shariah screening filters are applied at every step of the way from sourcing and diligence to value creation, restructuring, and operations, providing feedback through periodic investment reporting and eventually leading to successful exits at the right time.

ONYXinv enables fruitful partnership with people who value flexibility in investing. We know how to take advantage of the market disparity and opportunistically move between diverse industries, geographical regions, and asset classes, landing you the best Shariah-compliant growth opportunities.

The specialized expertise of our team help identify the best opportunities in the following fields:

●   Fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG)

●   Healthcare

●   Education

●   Renewable energy

●   Industrial

●   Logistics

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