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Property Management

About the service

Islamic finance and real estate investment are a perfect match. With real estate investment being an asset class that delivers good capital appreciation and the diverse methods for Shariah-compliant real estate financing, such as Murabahah, Ijarah, Istisna'a, and Musharakah, the diverse opportunities that give peace of mind and allow to grow assets are endless.

Our professionalism derives its strength from a client-centric approach combined with deep knowledge of Islamic finance and real estate finance means. We can guide our clients through all core property stages from acquisition to renovations leasing and finally exiting.

Our property finance team includes specialists in both the commercial and industrial property sectors, with leading expertise in the unique challenges that arise for this sought-after asset class.

All investment activities can be supported by our widespread geographical reach. Our current portfolio includes managed properties in:

●   Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

●   United Arab Emirates

●   Turkey

●   Malaysia

●   Egypt

●   Yemen

●   Germany

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